Saturday, December 27, 2008

A question . . .

Art Fragments

Sometimes when I'm stuck in my creativity,
I cut a square out of a piece of plain white paper
(can be 1", 3", whatever other size suites you best)
and place it on a piece of my art,
or favorite magazine photos, etc.

After moving it around,
finding a composition I like, I draw it, paint it, construct it.
After a few of these studies, my juices are running!

What are your methods to jump start your creativity?

There Are No Rules

Are you an artist? A patron? A friend of an artist?
Do you have questions?
How do I mix purple?
Do artists accept payments or lay aways?
What is Outsider Art?

Do I need insurance for my studio if it's in my home?

Can I take an artist to lunch?
"Lunch" by Jack Biedenharn ©2000
All rights reserved.

What are the questions?
What are the answers?

Maybe we can start a dialogue on this and acquire a little wisdom along the way about what it is to be an artist, an artist's friend, or a person who buys art.
And all the processes involved.
And perhaps we can do this with grace and style.
"Three Graces" by Jack Biedenharn ©2000
All rights reserved.